The DC Guarantee

DC Enterprize's proven system will build your business credit. During the following procedure, we will assist you in completing the steps to get your business funding.

For DC Enterprize to get your business to a tier 3 credit status, you will need to establish 10 or more lines of credit reported to the business credit bureaus.

Step 1

If your business does not already have one, we will help you create a business credit profile with Dun & Bradstreet and get your DUNS number. We wll also update other business credit bureaus if applicable. Updates can take between 5 to 21 days depending on the business credit bureaus.

Step 2

DC Enterprize will help you create and publish your listing in business directories online. This is to ensure lenders can locate your business. Most lenders will attempt to locate your business in certain directories. Being listed will increase you credit approvals and get you the highest limits allowed by lenders. This step will make lenders more confortable with lending to your business.

Step 3

Once you have completed steps 1 & 2, we will suggest 2 lines of credit that do not require any previous credit history. You will then be able to use the available credit and it will be reported to the business credit bureaus within 2-7 weeks. You will now have 2 lines of credit for your business reporting to the business credit bureaus when you utilize them.

Step 4

DC Enterprize will get you access to free credit monitoring and you can view your credit as it beings to be reported. After your business's credit is reported, we will be able to get you other lines that usually require 1-2 lines of credit reported.

Step 5

DC Enterprize will give you over 40 lenders to select from. These lenders are categorized in the following phases:

Phase 1 Lenders

These lenders usually approve a business with 1 to 2 trade lines reported.

Phase 2 Lenders

These lenders will usually approve a business with 3 or more trade lines reported.

Phase 3 Lenders

These lenders approve a client with 4 or more trade lines reported.
Phase 4 lenders typically approve with 10 or more lines of credit reported. This last phase will exclusively include high limit credit cards. Also, DC Enterprize will help you with working capital lines of credit and financing for equipment and supplies.


Disclaimer: Any DC Enterprize customer that pays their credit “Late”,
“Slow” or “Past” the due date of any invoice or revolving credit line
will be responsible for the consequences of their poor payment
behavior. As well, the approval process is based on the lender’s
underwriting guidelines. Guidelines can vary from time to time due
to type of business, industry and age of the company. Lenders will
occasionally change or update their guidelines without notice.