Personal Credit

How To Build Personal Credit

How To Build Personal Credit


In order to have the best opportunities for attaining financial freedom and independence, you should understand credit landscape. In the loaning sphere, your credit profile talks about your worth. Your record of previous credits is a direct reflection of your credibility as a worthy credit holder or not. In order to attain this worthiness, you must have a personal credit. So, here is how you can build personal credit:

Filing for the Secured Credit Card

Getting standard unsecured credit card may be hard, so you may consider the secured credit card. Secured credit card requires a collateral security and protection against the default, you will have to deposit a sum of amount into the account. Most individuals use the secured credit card who are willing to grow or fix their current credit score.

Becoming an Authorized User

This is one of the most important steps of all in building personal credit. Owning an authorized user of a good and healthy credit account makes you a credible and worthy user. After using a secured credit card or a credit account for six months, you should be able to receive a good credit history. With the passage of time, your worthiness and credibility will increase as your credit account becomes aged.

Note: It is very important to have a primary credit in your name, otherwise your authorized user account will be disregarded.

Applying for a Retail Credit Card

You can also apply for a retail credit card, which are very easier to obtain than any other form of credit card. Lower limits are offered by the credit cards along with high interest rates, so you must always be aware of the terms and the conditions before you finalize the deal. You should learn every rule, and then use the card wisely.

Retailers report to the three bureaus directly.

Applying for a Credit Builder Loan

You can also apply for the credit builder loan, which gives you a good amount of $500 to $1000 for your project. Typically, you are required to pay back the loan in a year. If you do not pay back, your amount is withheld until loan dues are paid. So, it is a good option anyway.

Use Cards Wisely

In order to build personal credit, you should not squander, spend on unnecessary things and keep your balance low and limit of the credit card high.

Thus, you will be able to build personal credit.

Credit Bureaus

Major Credit Reporting Agencies That Control Your Credit Reports

Credit reporting agencies or credit reporting bureau that manage historical credit information about individuals and their businesses. The information that they receive is compiled into a credit report. This report shows the credit score that helps potential employees rate their credibility. Usually, the credit score is measured by Vantage Score and it’s the most modern way of calculating the credit score. It uses letters instead of numbers to calculate the credit score. Credit reporting has done its job for a century but with time local agencies were transformed into three main categories named Central US, Experian the West and Equifax.


Experian is one of the biggest names in credit reporting agencies. It’s an Irish based multinational agency. It maintains more than 235 billion individuals and businesses. The company is based in Ireland with its offices in three major countries named as United States, the United Kingdom, and Brazil with 17000 employees. The company creates analytics based on the information collected from the users. This report can be used to predict whether to continue giving mortgages or not etc. The company provides free credit reports to US persons once in a year. Whenever a person buys a new car take a loan or purchase a house. He or she has to undergo a credit check. This credit check is very important. It proves a person’s financial condition to the seller. This check is in a form of credit report and these reports are generated by big names like Experian.


TransUnion is another name in the Big three credit reporting agencies. A US-domiciled agency based in Illinois and has more than one billion individuals in their community. Like all other credit reporting companies, this company also provides a FREE credit report to its users once in a year. The cost of getting TransUnion is 9.95$ but it cost also depends on the area where you live.


Equifax, with more than one 800 million individuals it is another name in big three. Like other companies, it also provides demographic analytics, sells credit statistics and fraud prevention gigs to its customers. The company takes credit information and then creates analytics that shows the changes of a person to pay back loans and mortgages.

Big credit companies like Chase sapphire, Citi double cash and Discover it uses services of Equifax. Equifax has a good score of 760-850 and good score rating of 660 to 724.


Summarizing all the above credit reporting agencies take useful credit information from its users and create a credit report and this report is extremely important for the business owner in checking the financial health of a person while he/she is purchasing mortgages, renting a house or maybe purchasing a car. Three big names control all the credit reports and among them, two big are Experian and Equifax. Besides creating report these companies also provide credit monitoring and fraud prevention services.

Credit Card

How To Build Business Credit

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What Is Business Credit?

Business credit is a type of a credit, which is simply a track record of the financial responsibility of a business. The businesses are run by the business owners, investors or companies, which foretell about standing position of the business in the market – determining whether the business deals may be finalized with a particular business or money should be lent or not.

Why Is Business Credit Important?

Good credit is really important for a number of reasons. Firstly, it allows you to obtain the funds required for the expansion of the business, research and development, capital expenditures and other things. Business credit is also important as good credit business earns the business lower rates, easier loans etc. Good credit also increases reputation and standing within the market. This is why, good credit business is important.

How To Build Business Credit?

Understanding the importance of the business credit, you should try to grow your business credit over a long period of time. Here are some of the ways which will tell you how to build business credit:

Incorporate Business

Following the local laws, you should register your business enabling you to operate lawfully within the area.

Obtaining Federal Tax Identification Number

After successful incorporation of the business, you will receive an Employer Identification Number or EIN from the IRS.

Opening Bank Account

Now, it is time to open your business bank account so that all the transactions – carried out under your business name – are realized through this bank account.

Establishing Business Phone Number

Your business must also have its own business phone number. This would be required to open a business credit file.

Opening Business Credit File

You must fulfill all the requirements asked for filing for opening business credit successfully.

Obtaining Business Credit Cards

Having followed all of the above instructions, you should be able to obtain the business credit card now.

Establishing Line of Credit

Now, you must be able to establish the line of credit having obtained the business credit card. Usually, a bank may require you to have a good revenue for a number of years previously which will actually make you qualify for the line of credit. Thus, you can build your business credit.


You should always check the terms and conditions of the business card you have applied for. While opening business credit file, you should read each and every line cautiously.

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